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WINTER 2018/19

Don't Hide Away

Triumph Tiger 800s in Triumph Adventure Experience in Wales

The sun is low and dazzling, and when we ride in and out of shadows the change in air temperature is palpable.  The sky is a brilliant cold blue, there’s fresh snow on the horizon, and a mist hangs so still and heavy in the trees that it looks like time itself might have somehow stopped this mid-winter.  Perhaps it has.  But we haven’t.

This is our thing: hard winter off-roading and mud-soaked green lane adventures.  We don’t notice the cold because there’s an intensity to controlling a back-end slide through muddy terrain only inches from treelines that keeps you pin-sharp focused.  We steam as we stop to gather our breath, share our experiences, and wonder why it is that so many riders hide away at home for winter.


Triumph Tiger 800 motorcycles at the Triumph Adventure Experience in Wales


Many outsiders, and many other riders for that matter, imagine that what we do must demand some significant lifestyle commitment.  But our only real desire is to enjoy pure escapism through riding, whether for a few hours at the Triumph Adventure Experience or a few days properly out in the wilderness.  That means our commitment essentially comes down to having the right equipment, and the right clothing.

  We like the responsive power and fully-loaded capability of a Triumph Tiger 800, together with the right riderwear that has been specifically created to enable our freedom in all weather conditions. These are challenging conditions, there’s certainly no place to hide.  And, of course, that’s why we love it.  


Ethan Roach: @_ethanroach

Richie Norton: @thestrengthtemple


Dennis Plesca:


Triumph Tiger 800 motorcycles at the Triumph Adventure Experience in Wales

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